Counselling Services

Main areas of therapy include:

  • Spiritual Accompaniment of those living with serious illness
  • Family and Couple counselling
  • Mentoring of individuals facing relationship and career challenges.
  • Pre marriage counselling and preparation
  • Grief Therapy and counselling in loss.

My approach is to facilitate the re calibration of life style,attitudes and mind sets that make space for more authentic choices and decisions in clients lives. I offer a safe and contained space for clients and work in a psycho-dynamic way that enables shifts in negative cognitive and emotional habits and patterns in relationships.

The sessions happen weekly or every two weeks or monthly depending on the needs od clients. Clients are referred by oncologists, psychologists and General Practitioners.  My rates are reasonable and I am not on Medical Aid so accounts are paid after the session by cash or EFT payment. Often clients are also under psychologists and psychiatrists if they are on medication. I am supervised by a clinical psychologist for the work with clients.


I have had the privilege of working with Peter Fox now for many years. Its been very rewarding and a great pleasure. I know that who ever I refer to him will be met by a very experienced, warm, compassionate, intuitive therapist of great professional integrity. He has an uncanny ability to sense what is needed therapeutically and provides the necessary therapeutic holding effortlesly. I have had great feedback from satisfied clients over the years, whether they have gone to see Peter for individual growth work, couple counseling, grief counseling or where they struggled with spiritual issues. His therapeutic style leaves people feeling safe, contained and free to express their worries in a warm and compassionate therapeutic environment.
Anita Badenhorst
Clinical Psychologist Crescent Clinic Cape Town


Peter Fox has been known to me since he joined the Counselling Department as the spiritual counsellor at ST Luke’s Hospice in 1992 . As a counsellor  he has an indepth understanding and empathy for the pain of the bereaved and those suffering from loss. He sees no barriers to spiritual care when it comes to matters of heart and soul. Peter’s gentle wisdom warms and comforts those in need.

Over the years he has developed a wealth of experience of bereavement counselling and has profound insight into the dynamics of loss and the ways in which it touches all the members of the family. 

He shares his knowledge and gifts with a generosity of spirit resulting in his success as a teacher and mentor. In every interaction there is mutual liking and respect . As a result he developed the St Luke’s volunteer spiritual counselling team into the effective and responsible team that it is today.
Irene Tanchel
Previous Counselling Manager at St Luke’s Hospice

Tibetan Proverb: Friendship is the flower growing by the side of the road. Never try to pluck it or possess it and it will blossom for you.



These days, when we buy a motor vehicle, its common course to opt for a maintenance plan, even though these can be quite expensive. In fact we are often more considerate of our vehicles than we are about our relationships—expecting them to self-maintain themselves and failing to understand what sustains them. There is no licence or road worthy certificate required when we couple with each other.

Few individuals or couples take out a ‘maintenance plan’ for themselves or their relationship. They drive the relationship ‘vehicle’ over many years with the hope that it won’t fail and often only seek help when it’s almost beyond repair. By then, it is takes time and energy to troubleshoot what actually went wrong and how to set it right. And, even the best maintained vehicle could break down from time to time.

Thankfully, once ‘repairs’ have been made through couple’s or individual therapy, further breakdowns can be prevented and the relationship can be maintained through coaching. (Refer to the table below for an overview of therapy and coaching).

This is what we are offering at Fox-Brügge Inc. Therapy and Coaching Services. We work closely together to transition couples and individuals from a therapeutic setting to a coaching realm to help them solidify, enrich and maintain their learnings, foster resilience and prevent future breakdowns.

By opting into our offering you would:
• Identify core problems in your relationship and learn to remedy these;
• Fire-proof your relationship;
• Make your relationship more resilient;
• Make your relationship more sustainable;
• Enhance communication; and
• Sustain the core of love in the midst of life stressors such as finance; work-stress; and other day-to-day challenges.

Click here for more details: FOX and BRUGGE INC COACHING

Living Life to the Full

Living Life to the Full

Aha Africa Interview
Sharing some thoughts on how to cope during Covid19 and beyond

June 2020 – Peter Fox shares how we can grieve the past and come to terms with the new, during the Covid19 pandemic.

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